Employee Advocates: Key for Social Media Recruitment

Employee Advocates: Key for Social Media Recruitment

Recruitment is not a very easy job. The difficulty is to find the interested and the right people. Social Media has helped to reach out to a larger number of people.

Social Media recruitment is on the rise and that is because while recruiting there are many problems that a company faces.

One of them is finding the right candidate. Using Social Media as a tool to recruit people makes it easier for the company. Social Media has people of different profiles and interests and are directly exposed to an opportunity.

Employee Advocates are of great help, their bandwidth of their social connections is largely related to the profession that they are into. Using this benefit having employees advocate them brings in larger opportunities to find the correct candidate.

Another problem that a company faces is to get the word out to the people about the vacancy in the company. However, when the company shares this information on their company’s platform the employee’s share it further on their personal profiles. This helps to let people know and also spread the information to others about the vacancy in the company.

These platforms help candidates to directly show the reference by clicking the link. They don’t have to worry about the referral. It becomes easier for candidates to get to know of job opportunities.

When employees share data it amplifies the number of engagement and the reach. Employee Advocates help to increase the number of relevant applicants. They help to a rise in the awareness of the job vacancy and boost the number of applicants. The main benefit of employee advocacy for recruitment is that the employees can answer any query and doubt, giving it a personal connection.

When a company reaches out to people to let them know of any vacancy or job opening the personal connect is lesser than that of an employee telling the people they know. Today, social recruiting is a largely followed trend that is reaping great results.

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